Mizoram Assembly Elections: BJP president Amit Shah launches party campaign

BJP president Amit Shah launched party’s campaign in Mizoram for the upcoming Assembly elections on Wednesday. He had addressed a crowd of approximately 7,000 people which was attended by state-wide booth level workers at R Dengthuama Indoor Stadium in Aizawl. stadium. Some of the prominent leaders of the party such as BJP general secretary Ram Madhav, Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Nagaland Deputy Chief Minister Y Patton, and BJP state President JV Hluna were also present at the meeting.

While hinting at the support BJP has gotten in the north-eastern states he said, “There is a difference in the Northeast of 2014 (when BJP first came to power) and now. Then the Northeast was known for corruption and terrorism. Now it is known form culture and development”. Mizoram is the only state in the region where the BJP is out of power.

The party is also trying to shed its “anti-Christian party” tag and try to woo the people of it in this Christian-dominated state. “I am reassured that the next Christmas Mizoram celebrates will be one under the BJP government,” he said.

He also welcomed Tuichawng legislator Buddha Dhan Chakma to the BJP. Mr. Dhan Chakma had earlier resigned from the Congress because of “internal conflict within the Congress party”. Chakma is the third congress leader to have resigned from the Thanhawla government. Earlier, Home Minister R Lalzirliana and former Health Minister Lalrinliana Sailo had tendered their resignation and joined the Mizo National Front (MNF). BJP General Secretary, Ram Madhav said, “In Mizoram, Congress is a sinking ship — that is why the politicians are jumping out of the ship one by one. Those who want to join the BJP, we welcome them”.

The BJP is planning to contest alone in the state of 40-assembly constituencies. Shah also criticized the ruling Congress party of not implementing the central government schemes in the state. He said, “PM Modiji has instituted 129 schemes and but none of them has reached the Chakmas. Mizoram has received crores for development. Yet there has been no development”. Mizoram is set to go to polls on November 28.

Before proceeding to launch the campaign in Mizoram he had also visited the Kamakhya Temple to offer prayer.

In a tweet on his official Twitter handle, the BJP national president wrote:

‘Blessed to have prayed at the Maa Kamakhya Devi shaktipeeth in Guwahati today on Durga Ashtami.’

News source: The Indian Wire


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