Arunachal Pradesh

TCSA warns reprisal against Arunachalese students if AAPSU opposes admission of Chakma students in NERIST


TCSA leaders addressing a Press Conference at Agartala on NERIST issue today, 28th May 2018

The Tripura Chakma Students Association (TCSA) in a press conference in Agartala today warned the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) that students from Arunachal Pradesh will face tit-for-tat action if AAPSU demands expulsion of Chakma students from Mizoram and Tripura selected for admission in the prestigious North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) at Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh.

A few days ago, the AAPSU demanded that Chakma students who have qualified for the NERIST Entrance Examination (NEE) 2018 under Mizoram state quota seats must be replaced with eligible tribal applicants from the Mizo community. They opposed admission of any Chakma and Hajong students in NERIST till the vexed citizenship issue of the state is not resolved.

Terming the demand of the AAPSU as “communal” and “unconstitutional”, the TCSA General Secretary Sadhan Chakma said what the AAPSU is demanding is totally unacceptable. He accused the AAPSU of ignorance about the history of India, geographical condition and history and ethnic identities of tribes living in the Northeastern states.

The Tripura Chakma Students body further accused the AAPSU of spreading “communal hatred” and “destroying the peace and unity in north eastern India among the people” by making such “unconstitutional demand.”

The press statement of the TCSA pointed out that Chakmas are Scheduled Tribes in the states of Tripura, Mizoram, Assam, Meghalaya and West Bengal and therefore the AAPSU has no right or authority to obstruct admission of Chakma students from Mizoram and Tripura after securing seats through the entrance examination.

The TCSA warned that if Chakma students are denied admission or expelled from NERIST, it will be forced to launch a movement to “evict” students from Arunachal Pradesh studying in various higher and technical educational institutions in Tripura and in that case the AAPSU themselves will be responsible.

The Kamalanagar Times had earlier explained why AAPSU’s demand on Chakma students of NERIST is unfounded.

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