Chakma Council: Have the 6 Congress MDCs resigned from Congress?

On 2nd May, the Governor of Mizoram Lt Gen (retd) Nirbhay Sharma invited the United Legislature Party (ULP) to form government in the Chakma Autonomous District Council and appointed its leader Shanti Jiban Chakma as the Chief Executive Member of the Council.

But confusions have prevailed as to whether the United Legislature Party (ULP) is a BJP-Congress alliance or a new party floated by the six newly elected Members of the District Council (MDCs) of Congress party.


The notification issued by the District Council Affairs department of Mizoram on 2nd May 2018

The notification issued by the District Council Affairs department of Mizoram on 2nd May identified Shri Shanti Jiban Chakma, a BJP MDC, as “elected Leader of the United Legislature Party”, which means that ULP is the name of the alliance between the Congress and the BJP.

Mizoram’s sports minister and Congress leader Zodintluanga also claimed that “It is a coalition of different political parties like the UPA or the NDA.”

But now a letter purportedly written by the 6 Congress MDCs to the Secretary, District Council and Minority Affairs Department of Mizoram has surfaced in social media in which the all the six Congress MDCs extended support for Shanti Jiban Chakma of the BJP for the post of Chief Executive Member.


Letter dated 27th April, 2018 signed by all 6 Congress MDCs but identified themselves as members of ULP instead of Congress members

In the said letter dated 27th April, the six Congress MDCs described themselves as “elected MDCs and Members of United Legislature Party” while Shanti Jiban Chakma was described as “leader of BJP Legislature Party”.

Although elected on Congress tickets, the six MDCs namely Buddha Lila Chakma, Buban Kumar Chakma, Amit Kumar Chakma, Ajay Kumar Chakma, Mohan Chakma and Onish Moy Chakma nowhere identified themselves as Congress members.

So, have the six Congress MDCs of CADC resigned before extending their support to the BJP to form government in the CADC?

The question also assumes significance because while speaking to the reporters in Aizawl yesterday, even State BJP general secretary Vanlalhmuaka claimed that the elected Congress members had “left their party identity” and formed the ULP to support the BJP government.


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