Look at the different options parties have for Govt formation in CADC

Uncertainty has been prevailing over government formation in the Chakma Autonomous District Council in Mizoram ever since the elections results declared on 24th April threw a fractured mandate. While the MNF emerged as the largest party with 8 seats, the Congress bagged 6 seats and the BJP 5 seats. No party received the minimum of 11 seats required for government formation.

Both the BJP-Congress alliance and the MNF, separately, had staked claim before the Governor to form the executive committee of CADC.

The BJP and the MNF are partners in the Northeast Development Alliance (NEDA) and immediately after the results were declared both the BJP and MNF state leaders declared that they would form coalition government but the local leaders of the BJP and Congress went ahead to form United Legislature Party. Yet, the BJP state leaders have not given approval to this alliance which is antithesis to the BJP’s “Congress Mukt Bharat” slogan.

The process of government formation must be over by 4th May, but the Mizoram governor has not yet announced his decision.

As any two of the three parties must come together to form the next government, The Kamalanagar Times has explored the possibilities as follows:

Sl No. Options Conditions
1 BJP-Cong alliance State and Central BJP leadership don’t approve alliance with Congress
2 BJP-MNF alliance MNF won’t let go the CEM post in which case local BJP leaders unwilling
3 BJP-MNF alliance Rotational CEM post may be acceptable to local BJP leaders
4 MNF-Cong alliance Chances rare, but nothing is impossible in politics
5 Congress MDCs join BJP or form another party Congress MDCs not willing
6 BJP MDCs join Congress Less likely but option open
7 BJP MDCs join MNF Less Likely
8 MNF MDCs join BJP Unlikely

Only time will tell, which of the above options, or any other option, is adopted for formation of the next government in the Chakma tribal council. If everything fails, there will be no escape from re-election.

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