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Indian PM pays tributes to Lord Buddha during “Mann Ki Baat” radio talk

Tomorrow is the Vesak Day or the Buddha Purnima. Faithful and Pious Buddhists observe this day by performing Dana (giving donation), Sila (observing the 5 moral precepts) and Bhavana (meditation). In this auspicious full moon day of Vesak, the Bodhisattva was born, attained Buddhahood and attained Mahaparinibbana.

Today, while speaking on the Buddha during his radio talk “Mann Ki Baat”, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “We must be proud that India is the land of Lord Buddha, who guided the whole world through his messages of service, sacrifice and peace. Lord Buddha’s life gives the message of equality, peace, harmony and brotherhood”.


Prime Minister Modi further said his government is working to improve the infrastructure for Buddhist tourism, connecting South-east Asian nations with the important Buddhist sacred places of India. He expressed happiness that India is part of restoration of a number of important Buddhist temples including ancient Ananda temple in Bagan of Myanmar.

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