Arunachal Pradesh

Minor Chakma girl employed as maid in Delhi reunites with family following APCSU intervention

The Arunachal Pradesh Chakma Students Union (APCSU) helped to re-unite a 13-year-old minor Chakma girl, d/o Mrs Purnima Chakma of B.S. Chora, Dharmapur-III village in Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh, who was employed as a domestic maid at a home in Delhi, with her family. She has reached home safely on 23 April 2018.

The jubilant family members expressed their heartfelt thanks to APCSU, in particular, its President Tejang Chakma and APCSU Bijoypur Unit President Binoy Kanti Chakma for immediately taking up the matter and helping her to reunite with them.


The minor girl re-united with her family members at her house in Arunachal Pradesh

The girl belongs to a very poor family. Her father has expired and her mother has to look after the family comprising of five small children. Taking the opportunity of the poor financial condition, a middleman took the minor girl to Itanagar around August 2017 where she was employed as domestic maid at a house.

However, the girl was subsequently brought to Delhi without informing to her family members. The girl remained out of contact with her family for about four months.

Anxious about the well-being of the girl, her mother enquired from the middleman, who refused to tell the whereabouts of the girl initially, but later informed that she was taken to somewhere in South Delhi.

Thereafter, the family approached APCSU through its Bijoypur Unit. On receiving the information, APCSU approached prominent human rights activist Suhas Chakma in Delhi.

Suhas Chakma contacted Ravi Kant, Director of Shakti Vahini, the most effective and well-known organisation in India working against human trafficking, to rescue the minor Chakma girl.

Suhas Chakma also urged Shakti Vahini to conduct specific protection, research, advocacy and awareness raising programmes in Chakma inhabited areas in Arunachal Pradesh in view of the increase in such incidents. Please note that the services of Shakti Vahini are often taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Delhi Police to rescue, rehabilitate and provide counselling to victims of trafficking.


Email written by Suhas Chakma to Shakti Bhahini to rescue the minor Chakma girl

Because of this intervention, the employer of the minor girl finally sent to her home. She reached Itanagar on 21 April 2018 but handed over to the family on 23 April 2018.

“It is important that each parent may not be as lucky as the parents of the minor girl. There have been many instances of Chakma trafficked girls even being murdered/sexually assaulted, missing, etc. It is therefore important that parents/guardians are aware of the consequences of sending girls/boys to unknown persons or places. The Chakma organizations, Gaon Buras, public leaders etc must ensure that the middlemen are brought to justice,” the APCSU said in a statement in social media.

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