MNF-BJP govt in CADC? BJP national leader throws a hint

No party secured the magic figure of 11 seats to form government in the Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) in southern Mizoram.

The MNF has emerged as the single largest party with 8 seats but fell short of majority by 3 seats.

The BJP has won 5, while the Congress has won 6.

Election was held in 19 out of 20 seats, as election in the Fultuli seat was stayed by the High Court.

The million dollar question is what will be the combination to form government?

To this question a senior national BJP leader has thrown a hint.

Ramlal, national General Secretary (Organization)  of BJP, wrote on twitter that BJP+MNF won 13 seats. But he stopped short of declaring an alliance between the two parties who are already partners in NEDA.

“मिजोरम के चकमा क्षेत्र की विकास परिषद के चुनाब में BJP+MNF ने मिलकर किया बहुमत प्राप्त।सभी का अभिनंदन।२० में से ५+८ सीट जीतीं।भाजपा शून्य से पांच पर पहुंची।” he wrote on Twitter.


So, is the CADC seeing a BJP-MNF government soon?

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