List of winning candidates in CADC elections 2018

The final tally (provisional) according to the Mizoram State Election Commission in the results of the Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) elections is as follows:

MNF: 8, COngress: 6 and BJP: 5.

The MNF has emerged as the single largest party but has fell short of minimum 11 seats necessary to form government at the CADC. Election was held in 19 out of 20 seats, as election in the Fultuli seat was stayed by the High Court.

Total voter turn out was 91.38 per cent.

List of winning candidates is given below:

List of Elected Candidates
held on the 20th April, 2018
S/N No. & Name of Constituency Name of Elected Candidate Party Affiliation
1 Borapansury-I Rasik Mohan Chakma MNF
2 Borapansury-II Kusum Lota Chakma BJP
3 Chhotapansury Shanti Jiban Chakma BJP
4 Bajeisora Anil Kanti Chakma BJP
5 Kamalanagar  ‘N’ Durjya Dhan Chakma MNF
6 Kamalanagar  ‘S’ H. Amaresh Chakma MNF
7 Kamalanagar  ‘W’ Sanjeev Chakma BJP
8 Udalthana Ajoy Kumar Chakma INC
9 Ugudasury ‘S’ Pranab Kumar Chakma MNF
10 Mondirasora Onish Moy Chakma INC
11 Ajasora Mohesh Baran Chakma MNF
12 Maniabapsora Uday Tongchangya MNF
13 Vaseitlang Buddha Lila Chakma INC
14 Longpuighat Lakhi Dhan Chakma MNF
15 Rengkashya Amit Kumar Chakma INC
16 Damdep Hiranand Tongchangya BJP
17 Jaruldubasora Lakkhan Chakma MNF
18 Devasora ‘S’ Bubon Kumar Chakma INC
19 Parva Mohan INC


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