MNF election manifesto promises corruption free govt in Chakma Council

The Mizo National Front (MNF) led by Rasik Mohan Chakma at the Chakma District Council has released its election manifesto which the party termed as “Vision Paper 2018” ahead of the 10th general elections in the Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) in Mizoram to be held on 20th April.

The Kamalanagar Times studied the MNF’s “Vision Paper” for the people of CADC.


MNF Vision paper, 2018 for CADC . (Photo : By special arrangement)

One of the most striking promises of the MNF is corruption-free government and transparent administration if voted to power in this election.

The MNF says it is committed to “adopt transparent, responsive and people welfare oriented administration” as well as to “eradicate corruption, end nepotism and favouratism at all level in administration of the Council.”

The party also pledges to look after the welfare of the CADC staff members.

To do all these, the party seeks to constitute an Administrative Reforms Commission.

This election is special for reasons more than one. It is for the first time, the election is witnessing three corner contest after the entry of the BJP to lock horns with two parties i.e. Congress and MNF, which have already made deep inroads into the Chakma heartland.


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